Short Code/ Long Code Service

Short Code Service

Short code is a number on which you will get a keyword for your organization. Now, whenever someone send an SMS on that number using your keyword you will get an update in our web interface and the customer will receive an automated response decided by your organization.

Example of Short Code

Short code is used for any contest or voting purpose. For example for any T.V. show we do voting for our favorite contestant using their keyword. Or, we take part in any contest by sending an SMS on a particular number using their keyword. Like to take part in KBC we were sending "KBC space our answer" to a particular number, that number is called a short code number. In short code number the person who sends an SMS to that number will be charged more than normal SMS charges.

Long Code Service

Long Code service is similar to Short code service. But, number used in long code service is 10 digit mobile number. So, the customer who sends an SMS on that number will be charged as per normal plan of their operator. Long code plays a role of virtual number for your company. Your number will be connected to the server and whenever someone sends an SMS on that number using your keyword he will get an automated response from our server.

Key Features

Get dedicated account to manage your keyword.

Check responses received.

Set automatic response to be sent to customer.

Short code/ Long Code Pricing

Contact Sales for pricing and keyword availability.

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